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Date Numerology Pathway Breakdown

  • Path A: m+m+d+d+y+y+y+y=numerology sum
  • Path B: m(m)+d(d)+y+y+y+y=numerology sum
  • Path C: (mm)+(dd)+(yy)+(yy)=numerology sum
  • Path D: (mm)+(dd)+(yy)=numerology sum

Written out next to a date: A(A):B(B):C(C):D(D)

EX: 07/24/1978 = 38:56:128:109

Reduced Numerology of #4 Research

Numerology Meaning
Four is the 4th dimension = time which is illusion. Four is seen as the first solid number. Spatial in scheme or order in manifestation. Static as opposed to the circular and the dynamic:
  • Wholeness
  • Totality
  • Completion
  • Solid Earth
  • Order Rational
  • Relativity
  • Justice Symbol of measurement
  • Foundation
There are:
  • 4 cardinal points
  • 4 seasons 
  • 4 winds 
  • 4 directions:
  • North
  • South
  • East
  • West
  • elements in the western culture:
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Air
  • Earth
  • 4 sides to a square
  • 4 arms to a cross
  • rivers to Paradise, that formed a cross (the Garden of Eden was said to be within the four rivers). Within Paradise were four infernal regions, seas, and sacred mountains. 
  • watches of the night and day, quarters of the moon.
  • 4 quarters to the earth.
  • 4 tetramorphs. 
The Divine Quaternity is in direct contrast to the Trinity. Four is a symbolic number used throughout in the Old Testament. The Quaternary can be depicted as the quatrefoil as well as the square and the cross.

Number Name

Number Properties
  • Octal: 4In Octal: 4
  • Duo: 4In Duo: 4
  • Hex: 4In Hex: 4
Square Root:2
4th Fibonicci:3
4th Triangular:10
4th Prime:7
Divisors:1, 2, 4
Sum of Divisors:7

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