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Date Numerology Pathway Breakdown

  • Path A: m+m+d+d+y+y+y+y=numerology sum
  • Path B: m(m)+d(d)+y+y+y+y=numerology sum
  • Path C: (mm)+(dd)+(yy)+(yy)=numerology sum
  • Path D: (mm)+(dd)+(yy)=numerology sum

Written out next to a date: A(A):B(B):C(C):D(D)

EX: 07/24/1978 = 38:56:128:109

Reduced Numerology of #1 Research

Numerology Meaning

Is considered to be a primordial unity. The beginning. The creatorIt is the first Cause or as some cultures refer, the first Mover. It is the sum of all possibilities. It is essence, the center. It is referred to isolation. One springs forth, upsurges. It is seen as the number that gives cause to duality as multiplicity and back to final unity.

Number Name
Date Numerology of #1 Research

Number Properties
  • Octal: 1In Octal: 1
  • Duo: 1In Duo: 1
  • Hex: 1In Hex: 1
1st & 2nd Fibonacci
1st Triangular
1st Prime:2
Sum of Divisors:1

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